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Smiling Spirit

is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting service members and their families.

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Smiling Spirit

is dedicated to being a resiliency resource for sustainable, strong, happy, and healthy service members and families.  Healthy service members are able to think more clearly when called upon, especially in situations when every second counts. It also means they are  able to work in their respective service longer, increasing the knowledge and experience in the areas they serve. 

Our hope is to provide awareness to both the public and to service members regarding the importance and necessity of building and maintaining healthy mental and physical habits. 

We plan to achieve this by providing the resources at our disposal to our local heroes and their respective families. 

We want service members and their family to know that they are not alone when they experiences struggles and that resources are available.

Smiling Spirit understands that service members often work a minimum of 10 to 48 consecutive hour shifts multiple times and or days a week throughout the entire year.  These intense schedule requirements often mean missing bedtime routines, birthdays, holidays, and other major and minor life events.  

These demanding hours are a necessary sacrifice in order to best serve the citizens who need them in an emergency, however this time away can eventually become a strain or burdened felt by the

service member and their family over the course of years. 

The pay is not always the draw to these respected and crucial career fields.  It may be surprising to learn that even after putting in these long hours, our local service members 

do not always have the financial means to provide a family vacation. 

This is why Smiling Spirit's mission is to support military personnel, first responders and their families to increase their resiliency.

Vacations restore resiliency by providing an opportunity to reflect and grow.  This time away from work, spent surrounded by the fresh air and family offers perspective and balance. 

Our goal that this experience will create stronger families with the desire to continue building on and maintaining healthy mental and physical habits.  

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“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

Mark Black

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