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A Bit About Us

Smiling Spirit was founded in June 2020, by military members and firefighters.  We all have firsthand experience that the careers that we take love and take pride in come with the sacrifice of spending time away from our families.  We all understand how important quality time with family is and are motivated to help families to reconnect and unwind.  Strong family relationships help build resiliency for both the families and our servicemen and women.

When service members are given the tools to develop healthy physical and mental habits they are better prepared to process and rebound from stressful events.  This is what resiliency is all about, being able to process, recover, and move forward. 

Healthy habits are the difference between members that are able to share their experiences rather than turn inward and continuing to struggle in silence on their own. 

Sustainable service members are able to serve longer in their careers and therefore provide more experience in the areas they serve.  Having a clear mind free from the fog of stress also equates to being able to focus more clearly on the task at hand when called upon; creating stronger and safer communities.  

About: About Us
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