Scott Winslow

Founder & Director of Communications

Unfortunately through the loss of several colleagues and friends in the military and fire service, I was inspired to start Smiling Spirit.  These individuals had their lives cut far too short and they will never be able to recapture lost moments with loved ones.  While I could never make this right, I knew I had to do something different for the future.  Our vision at Smiling Spirit is a simple proactive approach, provide service members the opportunity to spend quality time with their families in a relaxing setting.  This time away from the everyday stress of a service members career, reconnecting with family, allows members the chance to rebuild their own resiliency.  This seemingly small impact can mean a world of difference when a service member needs it most.  Smiling Spirit would not be possible without the support of my own family. 
(Photo credit: Sarah L. Winslow)

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Additional board member bios coming soon.

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Tom DeVaney

Board Member

Tom is a husband and father, and has over a decade of experience as a career firefighter. Tom and I worked closely together and was a mentor in my early years in the fire service. Tom volunteers his time to advocate for members that do not have their own means or ability to do so for themselves. Smiling Spirit would not be possible without the support of members like Tom. 
(Photo credit: Scott Winslow)

Thomas "DP" Duplessis

Board Member

Thomas, or DP, is a career firefighter and EMT.  DP is the kind of friend you can count on when you need assistance and has been an integral part of the Smiling Spirit family.


Robert Rosselli

Board Member and Motivational Speaker

Robert "Robby" Rosselli is a career firefighter with a huge heart.  Robby always has a positive attitude and does whatever it takes to help those in need. Robby is a problem solver and quick on his feet, with a smile to boot. We are grateful to have him on our team.