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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Finance... the dreaded F-word. Being educated about finances can help you reach your big life goals including furthering your education in a fiscally responsible manner.

Managing our finances will always be an ongoing, but necessary chore. Money or the lack there of is typically one of the largest stressors in any family. Luckily there are a ton of free resources out there to help us along the way.

April has been recognized as the Month the Military Child. Here is an article on 9 discounts to help celebrate with our little ones.

Here is a link to kick off spring cleaning with your finances.

Looking to develop or dust off your resume? Check out this great opportunity for military members.

Want tips on how military vets can follow up on a job interview? Read this article.

This article is a great resource for military spouses that are also in transition called Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses, or TEAMS.

There are resources that help us budget and save to pay off immediate bills through the debt snowball effect, which help us move on from, and prevent us from returning to, the ongoing struggle of living paycheck. Another interesting article is Financial Freedom.

There are programs for buying a home as a first responder or military member, saving for college as first responder or military member, and retirement planning.

Thanks to a new law passed in 2020, National Guard Members may now qualify for a VA loan before an overseas deployment or 6 years of service. Check it out here.

Due to changes in how military reservists are utilized, their dedication is now being recognized in a new light including new changes in GI Benefits for service. Learn more here.

When finances are challenging it's also important to beware of paycheck advance and easy credit apps even when they seem like a good short-term alternative. Learn more here.

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